Bexley Blend

If you looking for something different then look no further. The Bexley Blend is a one of a kind brick that brings something new and exciting to the table, well in this case your wall. With its smooth cream colouring, broken up by Jackson Pollock style black spots this brick gives of an arty feel that is capable of being used in any room. The brick is tumbled before being cut to get a more rustic finish by rounding off the edges. Bexley Blend is by no means plain and will fit in with any décor.


£2.40£43.20 inc VAT


If you require headers, please send us an email to check availability.


Length 215mm
Thickness 18-20mm
Width 102mm
Height 62-65mm
Sizes may vary being a natural product.

Area Guide

All brickslips are sold in boxes of 30. This guide is approximate.

1sqm = 60 Brick Slips – 2 Boxes
2sqm = 120 Brick Slips – 4 Boxes
3sqm = 180 Brick Slips – 6 Boxes
4sqm = 240 Brick Slips – 8 Boxes
5sqm = 300 Brick Slips – 10 Boxes
6sqm = 360 Brick Slips – 12 Boxes
7sqm = 420 Brick Slips – 14 Boxes
8sqm = 480 Brick Slips – 16 Boxes
9sqm = 540 Brick Slips – 18 Boxes
10sqm = 600 Brick Slips – 20 Boxes


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